About Us


Repdai, LLC. is a real estate technology company and a real estate broker licensed in the State of New York. It provides the Real Estate Property Digitized Asset Investment platform services to the real estate investors to maximize their profits. Repdai LLC is registered in New York State. The Company’s headquarter is located in New York City.

The Repdai platform is an e-commerce platform vertically specialized in the real estate market. Similar to the traditional e-commerce catalog and check-out process, the buyers and the sellers can search their desired properties on a map or a catalog and following a step-by-step workflow to complete the buy and the sale of properties:

  • The sellers can directly list their real estate properties on the market for sale;

  • The buyers can schedule visits and bargain the prices with sellers online;

  • The buyers and the sellers can negotiate the compensation of the sale price based on the property inspection results;

  • The platform helps to validate the user identifies and contact information. It provides online contract signing for the attorneys, buyers, and the sellers to facilitate the transaction settlements. 

Repdai platform also provides the profit sharing features to the real estate agents through MLS data feeds.