About Repdai

Repdai Inc. is a US real estate technology innovation company. Repdai Realty Inc. is a licensed brokerage division in New York and a subsidiary of Repdai for the real estate operation. Leveraging the cutting-edge technologies, the company streamlines the traditional real estate manual process into an online platform process for cost saving and efficiency .

Repdai Real Estate Marketplace is A Keystroke to Home!

Repdai Real Estate Marketplace is a real estate online e-commerce platform where buyers and sellers can negotiate prices online directly to buy and sell their houses. It is designed to make the complex real estate transaction process as easy as the online shopping experience. It has the following key features:

Search or browse the map to pick the dream houses to the shopping list
Online price negotiation with mortgage loan condition
Online and onsite scheduling for visit, inspection, final walkthrough and closing
Inspection result negotiation
Real estate transaction workflow system for buyers, sellers, attorneys and agents
Document & contract signing online
Online closing statements and instructions for buyers and sellers
Organically building up the partner broker network for profit sharing and sale order dispatching