Our Broker Partners


  Partner Brokers

Repdai Partner Brokers are the real estate broker firms who partner with Repdai to provide the full sales service to the property sellers.

Repdai real estate e-commerce platform has the features of building the partner broker network for profit sharing and dispatching property sales orders. When a property owner requests to list a property for sale, this sales order will be automatically sent to a corresponding partner broker according to the address of the listing property and the zip codes where the partner broker conducts the real estate business.

Repdai provides the platform to the partner brokers to manage the sales orders and the customers free of charge. They can earn up to 2% commission of the transaction price.

To become a Repdai partner broker, please contact us at https://www.repdai.com/contact-us

Our Partner Brokers:

6 Cornell Ln Little Neck, NY 1363
Tel: (718) 504-7366 Fax: (718) 247-1888
E.V.A.W Realty Group, Inc.
46-19 Marathon Parkway Little Neck, NY 11362
Tel: (347) 922-3900 email: evascwong@gmail.com



  Legal  Partners
Repdai Legal Partners are real estate legal entities that partner with Repdai to provide full legal service to property sellers and buyers.

Our Legal Partners:
Attorneys at Law

38-08 Union Street, Suite 10D
Flushing, New York 11354
Tel: 718-670-0028
Fax: 718-670-9996