The Future of Real Estate Market


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The Future of Real Estate Market

Real estate e-commerce is the future of the real estate market. A real estate e-commerce platform provides not only housing information for sale, like today’s most real estate websites, but also offers an automated process to guide the buyers and sellers from listing to closing.

Today’s real estate market is just like the stock market in the old days, buying and selling shares with the assistance of brokers or agents. Most of the large brokerage firms are still enjoying the model of traditional 1-to-1 agent service manual process with huge commissions from buyers and sellers. The manual processes are too slow and the commissions are too high for buyers and sellers.

Tomorrow’s real estate market will be like today’s stock market, buying and selling assets directly. The heavy burden of commissions on buyers and sellers will be removed. Buyers, sellers, and agents will use the modern tools with integrated capabilities of e-commerce, social media, and online communities, etc. to interact with each other on the real estate market.  Agents will shift their focus from handling heavy-lifting transaction processes to the advisory role like today’s financial advisors. The complex process for real estate transactions will be streamlined and automated through a platform service for efficiency and cost saving.

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